This week we’re drinking the Bean Me Up Espresso Stout by Fuggles & Warlock, a small brewery from Richmond, BC. We’re joined by fellow beer enthusiast Paul (@tehhairy) to talk about brewery and beer related swag. Colin & I also spend some time being envious of Paul’s trip to Darkness Days at Surly last year.

Show Notes

00:00 – Introduction
02:00 – Fuggles and Warlock Bean Me Up Espresso Stout
06:45 – Brewery branded shirts and hats
11:05 – Brewery glassware
16:00 – Colin likes pink
17:45 – Stickers and coasters
20:45 – Darkness Days
28:40 – Paul goes to Belgium, Adrian was already there
31:05 – More on beer apparel
36:00 – Wrapping it up