Pub Chat is simple: it’s a weekly excuse to drink beer and chat with interesting people, hosted by Adrian Trimble and Colin Enquist. It’s like listening to conversations at your local pub, whether it’s Winnipeg things, beer snobbery or whatever internet rabbit-hole we went down that week. Sometimes it’s serious, sometimes it’s funny and sometimes we get side-tracked.

Colin Enquist

The quieter one. Stout drinker. Colin is in the beer industry, where he can be found selling beer, drinking beer, and taking photos of beer. He wears many hats (literally) and nerds out over music a lot, so he co-hosts the music podcast Well Worn Grooves. He’ll drink beer slower than you.

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Adrian Trimble

Often loud, always opinionated. Sour, hop head. Adrian is a designer with a marketing background who bikes, drinks beer and gets angry about politics. He’s always on the hunt for a good piece of cheese, and will (too-frequently) regale the charms of a stuffy cask ale. He’ll always be in bed before anyone else.

Find Adrian on his website, Twitterand Instagram.