Episode 75: Craft Beer Advent Calendar Part 1

To celebrate the festive season we’re running a 4-part special with all three of us drinking this years Craft Beer Advent Calendar. We’ll have a new episode every 6 days in the run-up to Christmas, each featuring 6 beers (in the correct order!) from the calendar. In this first episode, we get into the advent calendar and the first 6 beers.

Show Notes

Spoiler Alert: If you’re drinking the advent calendar in order, these are the beers you drank over the last 6 days!

00:00 – Intro: the Craft Beer Advent Calendar
02:40 – Day One: Nogne God Advent
06:30 – Other advent calendars
08:05 – Back to the beer
09:10 – Teerenpeli Hippaheikki ESB
12:10 – Back to the calendar
15:45 – Penpont Chateau Civrac Old Ale
18:00 – Beer Advent Calendar complaints
24:00 – Back to the Chateau Civrac
25:00 – Peak Organic Hop Blanc
29:10 – Organic, natural and GMO beer
30:50 – Birrificio Krampus
39:30 – Beer selections so far
40:35 – Fat Man Red Suit Big Sack
45:25 – Wrapping it up