Episode 89: Mike Fox – Cocktail Month Pt 2

It’s part two of Cocktail Month and we’re joined by Mike Fox, former bartender at Peasant Cookery. We’re drinking The Bruery Autumn Maple, a delicious and non-standard take on the traditional pumpkin beer.

Mike chose Stir Stick Stout for his cocktail, which he incorporated into the “Chef May I”. It’s a delicious mix of egg, tequila, chilli-pepper cointreau, stout reduction, Mexican bitters and a few other tasties. The Chef May I will debut at Mikes new cocktail bar, Albert Street Cocktail Co opening soon.

Cocktail Month

Show Notes

00:00 – Introduction
00:50 – The Bruery Autumn Maple
05:40 – Making you own bitters
08:35 – Purpose of bitters, and favourites
12:45 – Cocktail culture in Winnipeg
17:30 – Garnishes
19:10 – Learning the basics
21:35 – Go-to drinks
24:00 – Mike Fox’s cocktail-making style
26:50 – RAW:almond
29:40 – Satisfaction in bartending
31:00 – Making the “Chef May I”
34:00 – Spirits and liqueurs leaving town
36:30 – Drinking the “Chef May I”
37:50 – Wrapping it up