Episode 116: Flying Monkeys Paranormal Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Author and now two-time Pub Chat guest Chadwick Ginther joined us this week to talk about the writing process, what we’ve been reading recently, and the final book in his Thunder Road trilogy, Too Far Gone. We’re drinking this years edition of Flying Monkey’s Paranormal Imperial Pumpkin Ale.

Check out twitter for details on how to enter for a chance to win a signed copy of the Thunder Road Trilogy.

Show Notes

00:00 – Introduction
00:35 – Flying Monkeys Paranormal Imperial Pumpkin Ale
05:25 – Doughnuts and Magic the Gathering
07:45 – Thunder Road trilogy
09:00 – Writing goals
18:25 – Adapting the writing process
24:50 – Knowing when it’s done
28:55 – Harry Potter
34:00 – Comics and the things we read
37:05 – Handling reviews
39:50 – Rat Queens and other gems
46:00 – How we buy comics
49:50 – Sex Criminals
50:45 – Wrapping it up