Episode 222: Stone Angel Brew Day

A few weeks ago we went down to Stone Angel to help out with brewing a batch of Nocturne English Mild. There’s plenty of down-time in the brewing process so we recorded an episode with head brewer Paul McMullan and fellow beer drinker Cole Neustaedter. Given the location, we’re drinking Stone Angel’s first ever beer, their “Kolsch-ist Blond Ale” Luther’s Folly.

Show notes

00:00 – Introduction
01:05 – Luther’s Folly
07:00 – A low-carb beer on tap!?
10:00 – The origin story
11:40 – Stone Angel?
14:00 – Carving an angel
15:15 – This is the angel
21:40 – Home-brew beer
23:00 – PicoBrew
28:00 – #winnipeg
33:10 – Wrap-up