Episode 262: What’s going on in 2019?

The year is almost at a close and we know the question that’s been burning in all of your minds: what on earth is going on with Pub Chat? Well, we’re here to avoid answering that question, drink some beer, and catch up on what we’ve been up to while we’ve been off the podcast airwaves. Colin’s drinking Yummi Bear* West Coast IPA from Surly Brewing, and Adrian’s got a bottle of Nocturna Vanilla and Bourbon Imperial Stout from MonRegius.

*Yes, incredibly, that really is how they spell yummy.

Show Notes

00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – This is a podcast?
01:41 – Yummi Bear West Coast IPA, Surly Brewing
02:24 – Nocturna Vanilla Bourbon, MonRegius
05:00 – Surly, are you OK?
08:24 – Quebec beer
10:35 – Brewpubs
14:50 – What’s Montreal drinking?
16:50 – Cheval Blanc
20:00 – Restaurant beer in Montreal
23:48 – “I can feed and drink myself”
23:56 – How’s the Twin Cities
28:20 – Montreal night life
31:30 – Cheese curd revelations
32:20 – Wrap-up