Episode 264: XFL! SPORTS! [Vintage Pub Chat]

This week we’re kicking off our re-release series of our favourite episodes from the Pub Chat back-catalogue (Vintage Pub Chat?) Each re-release will feature a newly recorded intro with the two of us, and the full audio from the original episode.

In this episode, originally #183, we’re talking about the documentary “This was the XFL” and chatting about all the reasons the XFL is ridiculous. Now that the XFL is back, we figured it’d be a good time to see what our past selves thought of it.

First released April 2, 2017.

Show Notes

00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – The XFL is back!
02:50 – Why re-release the flipping XFL episode?
03:50 – Oops, this episode did not come out Feb 8
04:00 – The 2020 XFL
06:15 – An apology for Minnesotans
08:20 –¬†Collective Arts Collective Project IPA #1
12:15 – Actually talking about the beer
13:15 – “This was the XFL” sigh
20:40 – Trains
33:45 – “The XFL should get wiped from the annals of history”
39:45 – Goodbye