Episode 38: Mort Subite Kriek

Mad Men season six finished on Sunday night so to celebrate we recorded our (second annual!) Mad Men episode. Ryan, our Mad Men expert joins us from afar. This year we’re (over)analyzing the most recent season, as well as making predictions for the future. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t listen to this episode unless you are completely caught up with the show, because spoilers.

Show Notes

00:00 – Intro. Colin kicks things off with an awful metaphor
01:20 – Mort Subite Kriek – Tonights beer
02:05 – Beer opening time!
04:00 – Beer tasting time
04:15 – The verdict is in (it’s good). Notice how little time it took for us to reach a verdict.
06:05 – There’s no rundown on the brewery because they barely exist according to the Internet
06:15 – It’s Mad Men time. This is where the spoilers begin.
07:20 – We’re talking about Don, unsurprisingly
12:20 – Sally, awesome, we all agree
12:40 – January Jones finest scene. Ever.
16:30 – Peggy predictions
17:20 – Can you have Mad Men without Don?
19:28 – We all want more John Slattery
27:18 – Bob Benson?
37:00 – Shot in face
38:35 – Peggy & Ted
41:53 – Final season predictions
43:40 – Uh, we’re talking about Breaking Bad. There’s some spoilers
45:00 – Back to the beer
45:44 – Find Ryan here and here
46:40 – Somehow we’re talking about Instagram video
49:48 – Goodbye, thanks again for listening