Episode 39: New Belgium 1554 & Springboard

Erika Miller from PodThings joined us (and provided the beer!) to talk about summer and all the wonderful things that go with it. We drank New Belgium’s 1554 Belgian Dark Ale and Springboard Belgian Pale Ale.

Show Notes

00:00 – Introduction
01:20 – Beer pouring time
03:50 – New Belgium bio
08:00 – Summary: New Belgium is awesome and very socially conscious
10:10 – New Belgium employs carnies… I’m as confused as you are.
19:10 – Rant: I hate straws
22:10 – We’re finally done talking about how groovy New Belgium is. Now we’re talking about summer!
23:55 – Food trucks are finally invading Winnipeg
37:10 – This is where we start solving Winnipegs transit problems
44:50 – Erika spills the deets on how women get into bars faster
50:20 – Beer number two: Springboard. Interrupted by a cat
57:05 – Wrap up
58:15 – Find Erika on twitter, her blog and on PodThings
59:59 – Thanks for listening!